Week 6- ART EXPERIENCE- Photo Walk


In this week’s art experience-artwalk, my group, led by Maddy Braverman, and I had a lot of fun going from one side of the campus to the other. She was a great leader and she knew the spots that would be great for our walk. At the start we went to the CSULB logo created from bushes near the ED2 building. From there we headed down to the Japanese gardens near the dorms on campus.




We rode on the shuttle bus that takes students around campus. It was a fun ride because it was my first time riding the shuttle bus. The bus was kinda packed because we had quite a big group but we got there in a matter of minutes.




Once we got to the garden, it looked amazing. It was also my first time visiting the Japanese Garden and it was a fun experience. Lots of amazing things to look at such as the sculptures, Koi fish, flowers, pound, water fall and the Zen Rock garden.

Glen’s Favorite Sign

Soon after the we left the garden, we headed towards the pyramid but on the way we passed by Glen’s favorite sign on campus. Once we got to the pyramid I took some pictures of it and we ended the day there. For all my photos I focused on trying to show my audience another angle to views things they’ve seen before and give them another perspective but it was a great experience and I can’t wait to see what we do next.




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