Week 7- Artist Conversation-Alicia Keyworth


Artist: Alicia Keyworth

Exhibition: F* ART

Media: Woven Cotten yarn, thread, metallic yarn, and trash bags

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West

Website: N/A

Instagram: @Aliciakeyworth

About the artist

Alicia is currently an undergrad here at California State University Long Beach. She majoring for a BFA in fiber and art education. In her free time she likes to give attention to her cats and weaving most of the time. She is also obsessed with alpacas and visits them at a petting zoo. So also enjoys going to the beach.

Formal Analysis

The art piece is created out of trashbags and other pieces of yarn. It is dark black and has a “rough” feeling to it. It reminds me of a piece of  hard plastic. It had many rough edges and little ridges all around the piece.

Content Analysis 

This artwork was inspired by the pacific garbage patch. She focused on waste and recycling of items by using a lot of scrap pieces. Alicia also stated that she tried to challenge herself by only using two colors. She wanted the artwork to feel very “garbage-y” and told us to try and feel the artwork to know what the texture is made out of.


By looking at the piece I didn’t really feel anything about it. It felt quite interesting because it was made with garbage bags, thread and metallic yarn. By her explain her piece that she created it by looking at the garbage patch in the pacific, it made me feel that i should spread awareness that people should throw their trash correctly so I won’t lead to the ocean and pollute the Earth.




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