Week 9- Art Experience- Moonrise Alpha


I’m Houndoom, I came to moonbase alpha to protect the citizens living hear from any foes trying to threaten our peaceful society. I could shoot fire and give a ferocious bite to anyone within my attacking range. So if you see me in your path, your toast. Here are some of my other friends at Moonrise Alpha

Princess Brownfish

If you are in need of some cash, click on Princess Brownish! She is very generous and will be happy to help you.

Alcolon VI

Leonidas often visits Alcolon VI’s bar. Leonidas Spartan Cat was one of his first customers when he was getting back on his feet. If you’re thirsty, go to this guy!


Leonidas keeps a close eye on Fawkes. The doctors don’t know exactly what is wrong with him but have declared him safe to be around – Leonidas Spartan Cat is not so sure. Click on him at your own risk.

Leonidas Spartan Cat

Leonidas’ owner came by a lot. I forget his name but he used to be an awful, foul-mouthed drunk that I personally had to escort out. But I heard he made it as some big-shot inventor so good for him.

Galactic Patrolman FZ-09

His duty to this colony is to patrol space in search of potential threats to the colony of moon Base Alpha.  Occasionally called down to the colony if there is a disturbance or possible danger. Answers to no man, to no law, only to righteousness and fairness.



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