Week 9 – Artist Conversation – Shan Joy


Shan Joy


Media: Metals

Gallery: Marilyn Werby Gallery

Website: N/A

Instagram: N/A

About Sean Joy Cabanig

Sean is a student at the CSULB School of Art in her fifth year. She is expecting to graduate very soon and she will be receiving her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Metals. She’s a SoCal local–born in LA and living in Long Beach. On her free time she enjoys hanging out with her boyfriend, cooking and playing with animals, and likes to play video games such as halo. She also calls herself a workaholic because she always in the studio working on new pieces. She likes to be very experimental and try a lot of crazy things. How she describes her major is from cool, to serious and back to experimental. She didn’t feel like any other major fit in with her personality and because she didn’t she herself at a desk job because most Philippino families want their daughters to become a nurse or lawyer etc

Formal Analysis

The work she had on display looked amazing. It shows how much effort she put in her pieces to create this amazing work of art. From the detail in a figure or animal and the detail she put to make a perfect curve.

Content Analysis

Joy art work shows how she can use her imagination and inspiration she gets from game and movies and create little or big pieces like this. (Piece “forest”) The art work she loves is the fringes brace because she was inspired the movie forest gump and his leg brace so she created a finger brace.


Joy’s work if very interesting. It looks like she put a lot of time and effort to create these detail pieces of art and I would recommend anyone to go and she her work in person.


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