Week 12-Art Experience-Location Based Gaming

This week we did location based gaming with an app called Geocatching. When I attempted to find three different Geocatch’s, I couldn’t none of them. One of them people commented that the catch was gone and the other two I couldn’t locate at all which was unfortunate because it was really fun walking around campus trying to locate the Geocatchs. This was a fun but difficult art experience, wished I would of found a catch. When I placed my catch, I just placed a coin and paper clip in my catch and hid it under a bush next to a tree. It was pretty exciting cause if anyone find its and needs a paper clip, they have one now. The idea of location based gaming or story telling by location is cool idea because if you go some place new or a spot that you usually hangout, you can find out history of that place just by being there and looking at your phone. It would be cool every little location that had history can tell you a story on your smart phone.

My Attempts at finding a catch

My Catch: 33.77839258743443,-118.11312377699294


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