Extra Credit – Art Experience Feedback!

This semester of art 110 has been a blast. From all the art experiences I have 3 favorite and 3 least favorite.

3 Favorite:

  • Plaster Casting: It was very exciting creating a player cast of my whole entire arm. I still have the cast and it is up on display at my house.

  • Snapchat:
    • It was fun creating a story of all the actives we do in Art 110 and making some stories silly with some drawing in the snapchat features.
  • Graffiti Writing:
    • I have never spray painted before so it was a very fun experience for my because I was able to create a bubble art image of my name. I have it ready to hang on my wall.

3 Least Favorite:

  • Landscapes with a Cropse:
    • I did ok when I did this project but I didn’t really know how to create a good photo of my own death…
  • Automatic Drawing:
    • I didn’t really understand how this was art… Had a hard time understanding the concept of this project cause most of every picture create was just random lines and circles.
  • Moonbase Alpha:
    • It was fun creating a character but was frustrating linking everyones profile to mine and other people linking my profile to their page. I thought to was going to be a game we were going to all play with our character but it didn’t end up as expected.

Overall Art 110 was a fun class and a easy A so IDK how someone would give up an opportunity to get an easy A while having fun with art. I would recommend other to take this class and I would take this class again.

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