Week 15-Artist Conversation- “Mixed Aesthetic”

IMG_4078 This week I attended the “Mixed Aesthetic”event. There were many very talented artist that had their work displayed. Most of the art work look like pre-production art works before they actually get animated for animated movies. Other works were just master pieces of art and the artist showing off their talent as artist. You can see the time and effort every artist put into their work to make them into master pieces. I love how the artists were very detail in each other their work. Can’t wait to see whats next in every artist creation and I hope they have a bright future ahead because they all have an amazing talent. I wish I was able to talk to a few of the artist who created these master pieces so I can give them a complement of every piece of art they made.







Week 15- Classmate Conversation-Florenz Baltazar

This week I met Florenz Baltazar. He’s a first year at CSLUB and majoring in nursing because he wants a career in nursing. On his free time he likes to hang out with friends and play video games on his WII U such as Pokemon. He is from Cerritos and loves Korean BBQ. If he could travel anywhere in the world he’ll like to go to Japan because of the culture and advance technology.


Extra Credit – Art Experience Feedback!

This semester of art 110 has been a blast. From all the art experiences I have 3 favorite and 3 least favorite.

3 Favorite:

  • Plaster Casting: It was very exciting creating a player cast of my whole entire arm. I still have the cast and it is up on display at my house.

  • Snapchat:
    • It was fun creating a story of all the actives we do in Art 110 and making some stories silly with some drawing in the snapchat features.
  • Graffiti Writing:
    • I have never spray painted before so it was a very fun experience for my because I was able to create a bubble art image of my name. I have it ready to hang on my wall.

3 Least Favorite:

  • Landscapes with a Cropse:
    • I did ok when I did this project but I didn’t really know how to create a good photo of my own death…
  • Automatic Drawing:
    • I didn’t really understand how this was art… Had a hard time understanding the concept of this project cause most of every picture create was just random lines and circles.
  • Moonbase Alpha:
    • It was fun creating a character but was frustrating linking everyones profile to mine and other people linking my profile to their page. I thought to was going to be a game we were going to all play with our character but it didn’t end up as expected.

Overall Art 110 was a fun class and a easy A so IDK how someone would give up an opportunity to get an easy A while having fun with art. I would recommend other to take this class and I would take this class again.

Week 14 – Art Experience – Sketching in the Garden

This week we went to the Japanese Garden to draw and take some photographs of representational and abstract objects. I enjoy this activity because it made me think outside the box of viewing certain things in the garden. It was fun finding things to draw and take photographs of. When I was drawing, it brought back the childhood hobby I used to do when I was younger. I was never the best artist but I drew the best I could and whatever came to mind so doing this again was very enjoyable. Overall I liked this activity and would do it again. IMG_4048IMG_4068IMG_4036IMG_4066IMG_4039IMG_4063IMG_4050IMG_4067IMG_4043IMG_4064IMG_4051IMG_4065

Week 13 – Classmate Conversation- Christian Aguirre


Christian Aguirre (Far Right)

He’s a 3rd year here at CSULB. He’s a Film major. On his free time he’s enjoys watching movies. Favorite movies is tombstone (critt 1994) and whiplash. He wants to start a career  as a writer for tv shows (comedy) or a history teacher. His dream car is a Ford GT. If he could travel anywhere in the world he would go to Greece because he was to see the ancient temples. His worst nightmare ever is when he saw a lot of nuclear missiles launching

Week 13 – Artist Conversation- Nick Bamford


Artist: Nick Bamford

Media: Neons Lights, Black Light, Contemporary Art, Ceramics, Sculptures

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West

Website: N/A

Instagram: @nickbamf4d


Nick is a graduate student at CSULB. He has attended Yale University and UCLA. He from Huntington Beach, not far from Long Beach. On his free time he likes to create more works of art because it takes up most of his time anyway. He doesn’t really like planning thing out, just doing something that comes off the top of his head at that moment.


By looking at his art, it is very different from what I have seen. For example the use of neon lights and black light was very cool. It gives the sculpture a very distinct look to it with the glow from the black light and the color to stand out from the neon lights. The objects he used for his sculptures were very recognizable such as a shopping cart, cages, spoons, ETC


Nick Bamford explores different meaning in his art. He tries to find objects and create another function or use for it. He thinks outside the box. He shows very well that normal, everyday objects or even the most random objects can too be considered art. He wants people to interpret his art and find their own meaning.


My final thoughts on Bamford art works are that his pieces were great. I love how he set up the pieces with neons lights and used a black light to make the sculptures glow with the material he put on the sculptures. It was also fun to glow in the dark from the black light because my jacket kinda glowed from the black light. I would recommend people to visit his exhibit, it was a blast.

Week 12-Classmate Conversation-Amber Bolden

This week I met Amber Bolden. She’s a freshman here at CSULB and a film major. What her into film because she was a photographer but she knew that she likes being behind a lense. Her favorite movies are  action, and classic films. On her free time she likes to volunteer, takes photos in LA, hang out with friends, and stay busy. If she could travel anywhere will be India because it’s a very different culture from ours. Experience at CSULB because it’s better that high school because you feel more independent than being stuck at home doing nothing. Feels like a little vacation here at CSULB. Favorite car is a jeep. She works at Victoria secret and hates LA Traffic, who doesn’t?