Week 12-Art Experience-Location Based Gaming

This week we did location based gaming with an app called Geocatching. When I attempted to find three different Geocatch’s, I couldn’t none of them. One of them people commented that the catch was gone and the other two I couldn’t locate at all which was unfortunate because it was really fun walking around campus trying to locate the Geocatchs. This was a fun but difficult art experience, wished I would of found a catch. When I placed my catch, I just placed a coin and paper clip in my catch and hid it under a bush next to a tree. It was pretty exciting cause if anyone find its and needs a paper clip, they have one now. The idea of location based gaming or story telling by location is cool idea because if you go some place new or a spot that you usually hangout, you can find out history of that place just by being there and looking at your phone. It would be cool every little location that had history can tell you a story on your smart phone.

My Attempts at finding a catch

My Catch: 33.77839258743443,-118.11312377699294


Week 12-Artist Conversation-Jennifer Chen


Artist: Jennifer Chen
Exhibition: Succession
Media: Digital Printmaking/Painting
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West
Website: none
Instagram: none


Chan is a graduate student at the School of Art at CSULB where she is graduating this semester. She was also an undergraduate in Biology. In the fall, she is planning on teaching Art 270 at CSULB which is titled “Intro to Printmaking”. Uses gloss to make he photos stand out, only uses cameras for tools to take her photos, and likes to use good lenses.


Chan uses googles maps in her art work and then she paints over the map to create a cool 3D effect. Google Earth 3D effect helps here give her work that extra 3D look. She puts more detail in what she thinks what’s important in the photo for example the houses will be more detailed than the trees or the trees would be more detailed than the houses/buildings. Chan uses photoshop a lot to put all the photos together and then creates large digital prints.


Her work focuses on different sites such as historic landmarks, monuments, and landscapes. She wants to show the landscape before something man or nature changed it in a massive event. She uses maps to show the audience an aerial view of the landscape of what was before and what’s left after.


In my opinion,  I thought the pieces were very interesting in how you had to look at the photos for quite a while to see the detail in the landscape where Chan tries to point out the disturbance that has occurred that made the landscape change. Her art work is really cool and I would recommend people to visit her art show.

Week 11-Art Experience-Turning Pages


  • How can we document ephemeral experiences like Turning Pages?
    • I believe we can document an experience is mentally. Always keep the experience with you so can know you’ve done something different. If you create something big, other people would take pictures of you can share it with others which would spread around social media.
  • Can Words & Pictures capture an experience?
    • They could but something pictures could show very little in what’s going on, depending on the photo, and can show the audience a wrong message. Words could also we flaw because someone could lack detail of the event and people wouldn’t get the big picture.
  • Does the style of the words or images matter? For example, a blurred photo is less precise but might capture more of the experience of motion of a dancer, musician, or other active event. A poem might be a less precise description of an event, but it might offer access to the feelings of the art.
    • It could and could not matter, depending on the event. Words and photos can show how great and event was and how it would be very cool if you were able to experience it too but sometimes words and images could lead the audience in a word path because of the lack of detail given to them.
  • Can you think of other ways to share an experience with people who weren’t there to share in it live?
    • People go view a experience like that live or go do it themselves so they can know how it feels to do something different.
  • Does the act of trying to document an experience take you out of the experience? For example if you’re trying to photograph something as it happens, does the camera insert an experiential distance between you and the event?
    • I kinda believe that it does take you out of the experience. Even though you are there watching the and taking pictures of it, it take you out of the experience because you are more focus on capturing a perfect image of the event than actually watching the event with you’re own eyes.

My overall experience with this activity was fun. I’ve never done something like this which we all did something different than no one ever does in the computer lab. By not taking pictures in the first experiment, it help everyone including myself focus on what they were doing and experience the difference they are doing but taking pictures in the bookstore, you just let you capture the different things people do in the bookstore. A new insight I have that in the library where you should be able to read books anywhere but what we found out as a class that we’re not able to read in the computer lab as a big group cause we’re causing a disturbance by reading… Something for everyone to think about for nature spaces.


Week 10- Art Experience- Instagram

^My Photos 🙂

This week for our art experience we used Instagram. it was really fun because I constantly use Instagram to view friends posts or post my own photos. This week, us as a class used the hashtag #art110s16 to see how everyone takes photos and show their inner creativity. Overall I see that the class of spring16 is a thing because we all have our own creativity and some of us may have the same mind set or creativity but in the end it shows how all of us can express ourselves with photos. Screen Shot 2016-03-27 at 11.34.13 PM.png

Week 10- Classmate Conversation- Chris Chadwick

This week I spoke with Chris Chadwick. He’s currently Majoring in mechanical engineering and a 3rd year student at CSULB. On his free time he likes to play water polo, the guitar and video games. In the future would like to work with anything to do with aerospace like military aircrafts. If he could travel anywhere it would be Alaska because he really loves it up there because it very beautiful and has a lot of clean air and because it’s not Los Angeles. An interesting fact about Chris is that he’s part of a Spanish heritage cause mother was born in Madrid. IMG_3027

Week 10- Artist Conversation- Helen Werner Cox


Artist: Helen Werner Cox

Exhibition: Silent Screams

Media: Oil Paint, Pastel, Wood Carving, Prints, Water based materials

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West

Website: www.helenwernercox.com

Instagram: No Instagram

About the Artist

This week I met Helen Werner Cox. Helen was born and raised from Ithaca in New York.  Helen is currently a graduate student at California State University Long Beach and is in the MFA drawing and painting figurative.  On her free time, Helen loves gardening, and solving puzzles. She’s not really a fan of watching TV so she reads a lot on her spare time such as fiction and mystery books and she is currently addicted to dots the game because it helps her relieve the stress that’s going on in her life at the moment. An interesting fact about Helen is that she taught at a high school in Boston.  Helen later moved and worked with middle schooler’s in Long Beach.

Formal Analysis

Helen’s art work ranges from light colors to dark colors.  The horses facial expressions look very odd. Some horses seem to be enjoying galloping around the horses and then other pieces the horses look kinda creepy with a strange face like they’re expressing a feel like they’re being tortured. There’s one horse that is staring at you like he/she is looking straight through your soul. Kinda creepy… She created these horses very detailed which gives them the realistic look and feel.

Content Analysis

She’s taking her art in a different direction because from the carousel to herds of horses. She enjoys going to county fairs to draw the horses from the Rodeos and the horse carousels to expand her drawings of horses. Chose horses because other animals become very cutisy while horses look powerful. She doesn’t really know anything about horses because she was never into horses when she was younger. Chaos was the idea in Helen’s art work.  The carousel is used to represent how society makes mistakes over and over again. She feels that society isn’t going anywhere.

Synthesis / My Experience

Overall, I really liked Helen’s work. The horses were very detailed which gave it that powerful image that she was striving for. I would recommend other to go view here work, you won’t be disappointed.

Week 9- Art Experience- Moonrise Alpha


I’m Houndoom, I came to moonbase alpha to protect the citizens living hear from any foes trying to threaten our peaceful society. I could shoot fire and give a ferocious bite to anyone within my attacking range. So if you see me in your path, your toast. Here are some of my other friends at Moonrise Alpha

Princess Brownfish

If you are in need of some cash, click on Princess Brownish! She is very generous and will be happy to help you.

Alcolon VI

Leonidas often visits Alcolon VI’s bar. Leonidas Spartan Cat was one of his first customers when he was getting back on his feet. If you’re thirsty, go to this guy!


Leonidas keeps a close eye on Fawkes. The doctors don’t know exactly what is wrong with him but have declared him safe to be around – Leonidas Spartan Cat is not so sure. Click on him at your own risk.

Leonidas Spartan Cat

Leonidas’ owner came by a lot. I forget his name but he used to be an awful, foul-mouthed drunk that I personally had to escort out. But I heard he made it as some big-shot inventor so good for him.

Galactic Patrolman FZ-09

His duty to this colony is to patrol space in search of potential threats to the colony of moon Base Alpha.  Occasionally called down to the colony if there is a disturbance or possible danger. Answers to no man, to no law, only to righteousness and fairness.